Spinach salad with a delicious basil dressing 🍴🍃

I was looking for a sour taste and the dressing achieve the purpose. I love it! Ingredients salad - spinach - mushroom - wild rice (see how to cook brown rice in previous posts) - sprouts

Ingredients dressing - bunch basil - half cup olive oil - 1/3 cup flax oil - 1 spoon vinegar - one small lime or lemon - 6 olives - one spoon of capers - soy sauce - pepper

Instructions for the dressing Blend all the ingredients. Don't blend it to much, until you can still see small pieces of the basil. For vinegar and soy I strongly recommend the brand bragg. If you don't have access to this brand, read the labels look for the raw, unfiltered, with the mother vinegar and choose tamari instead or sea salt. Use your imagination and enjoy cooking! 😊😊😊

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