Don't buy organic!

Surprise of the tittle? The word "organic " its been moving as a trendy matter. When you visit the supermarket you find thousand of labels that includes the word "organic" but do we really know the meaning of all the symbols included in the label?Unless, we read the ingredients and we have a full healthy non toxic diet as life style, buying organic doesn't make sense. Because they are very expensive, I do not take care of buying organic. I just keep focus on eating raw vegetables and clean home made food (which by the way taste delicious) 😄😄😜. If I have the opportunity to buy local food I do it without thinking, but not through expensive warehouse stores that increases the price just because it says organic! Have a look to the link below, I believe it has valuable information to better understand the concept "organic". Cheers! 🍎🍏🌽🍆🍉🍌🍐🍍

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