Pecan cookies - Mom's recipe❤️- Healthy version

20140617-084343 a.m.-31423493.jpg Ingredients: - 1 bar of CLEAN butter. (See instructions for Ghee) - 2 cup of whole grain flour. Don't be lazy... Buy the wheat and use the blender. It is better. - 1/2 cup of brown sugar. CAUTION: Brown sugar must be sticky. If not, it was mixed with refined sugar. - 1 cup of raw pecan pieces - two spoons of baking powder

Instructions: - Blend with a fork the ghee and the sugar. - Add in small portions the flour. Use a strainer(this is a recommendation from my mother). I noticed that part of the flour stayed in the strainer, I added too. I didn't want to miss any nutrient from the whole grain. The strainer's purpose is to control de portions you are adding ?😊. Not sure. - Add the baking powder - Add the pecan

Owen - 200 c • 390F - 20 minutes.

Remember to eat raw vegetables too 😉 Enjoy!

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